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Your staff members are probably receiving phishing emails regularly; which can look real and very convincing. Your employees may be unknowingly giving away your passwords, credit card numbers, and other private information to fake websites. How will you know if that's happening? We have developed a plan to test this out with your employees and assign security training based on the results. Fill out the form below for your FREE 15-Minute Business Review and consultation.

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Real-World Results: Hear from Our Clients About the Value of Our Cybersecurity Expertise

Matthew - Norwalk, CT

"I've worked with Joe and his team for years...They are responsive to your needs and good at communicating with us. They are also trustworthy and honest and pleasant to work with..."

Fran - Stamford, CT

"The Impetra team are not only knowledgeable and responsive, but have done an excellent job giving us peace of mind that our IT network and infrastructure are secure. We not only trust their team- but we like them as people. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe and his team."

Dom - Stamford, CT

"I would recommend Impetra to any business looking to have a real IT department without all the overhead. They do a great job and we love working with them"

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